As Real As It Gets

Mon  Amour Toujours is a provider of Action Figure Models (AFM). Many utilize these devices as intimate partner alternatives (IPA);  typically known as love dolls or sex dolls. Many great advancements in  technology and materials have taken these products from crude  inflatables to hyper-realistic works of art.

As  their popularity grows so do the uses of these full-size , life like  models. Although many individuals utilize AFM/IPA for sexual satisfaction  many have found that these dolls provide much more.

My goal at Mon Amour Toujours is  to provide you with the best personal service when choosing your AFM. Whether it's your first or you're adding another to you collection your satisfaction is my goal.

Why Mon Amour Toujours?


Why Mon Amour Toujours?

Many consider French to be one of the most romantic languages. Mon amour toujours translates to my love always in French. This phrase was chosen to express the unending romantic possibilities of your intimate partner alternative.

Whatever  your intimate desires may be or where ever your imagination may take  you, your new partner will indulge your fantasies with the satisfaction  only they can provide

Romance,  intimacy and sexual expression come  in many forms .If you have found  that more traditional pursuits leave you lacking then it may be time to  consider an alternative. Is there any better way to explore the  possibilities than with a partner that will give their love always?